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One of the company’s major activities is protection of objects of various kinds of activity and types of ownership. The firm has a large experience of work on maintenance of compound safety of stationary objects. Protection of objects is considered by “Nivios-ltd” as a group of actions for maintenance of a constant work on object, protection of a life and health of the personnel and visitors, safety of enterprise’s assets.

Before protection starts, company precedes (together with the client) an object inspection. It is done to reveal threats and risks to object; check the condition technical (and at necessity and physical) protection of the given object, give practical recommendations about its strengthening; and also develop an effective security system. Protection is carried out under the individual schemes, corresponding to the level of safety and operative conditions on the object. “Nivios-ltd”’s employees have a wide experience of protection of the industrial enterprises. Depending on scales of activity, requirements and possibilities of the client to object can fixed a personal manager, or it could be one curator for the several objects, which will perform works in volume of the chosen services. In the daily activity managers use own experience and firm’s potential and partner structures, and if necessary, in coordination with the customer, involve additional forces.

As additional forces: dogs can be involved in protection and the armed groups of patrol.

Protection is carried out both in the special uniform of the employee, and in civil clothes, depending on wishes of the customer and an object kind. We are always ready to offer our customers to choose variants of uniform for security guards that will correspond to the style of object.


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